Razor Crazy Cart XL


The outdoor toy of the year for 2014 was won by Razors Crazy Cart drifting machine (see previous post). Due to popular demand and many requests for an adult sized version, Razor are now launching the Crazy Cart XL.

In this video Ali Kermani, the inventor of the Razor Crazy Cart and the Crazy Cart XL tells us a bit about the new adult sized drifting cart and gives us a quick demonstration. The video was filmed by Clubit TV at the London Toy Fair 2015.

Razor Crazy Cart XL
Razor Crazy Cart XL next to the Original Crazy Cart

The Crazy Cart XL is not only larger than the original standard Crazy Cart but is made of higher quality components and has much more power for adult sized fun. The Razor Crazy Cart XL can get speeds of up to 17 mph or 27 kmh.

The Crazy Cart XL adult toy vehicle is available to pre-order in the USA but there is no scheduled release date for the UK yet – We will keep you posted for the European release.