Playmobil New Kids Toy Ranges for 2015


Playmobil which celebrated its 40th birthday last year distributes its famous childrens toy playsets to over 100 different countries and is actually Germany’s largest toy manufacturer.

The video below shows the exclusive new Playmobil toy ranges for 2015

Brand new from Playmobil in 2015 is the fabulous amusement park playset which includes rides such as a big ferris wheel, gondolas, flying swings, a space ship ride, boat swings and a tin can alley shooting range stall – all the fun of the fair for the little people!!

Playmobil Amusement Park Ferris wheel
Playmobil Amusement Park Ferris wheel and Rides

Other new Playmobil toy set ranges featured in the video include:

The Playmobil fire range which includes a fire station, a fire engine with a pump and hose, a fire crew including a fire chief – great fun for budding wannabe firemen.

The Playmobil pre school range recreates days of fun with musical instruments, a chalkboard and a playground including a climbing frame and slides.

The Playmobil Vets playset includes animals and veterinary toys.

The Playmobil Coast Guard playset range includes a lifeboat, a life raft, an ambulance and a helicopter for the rescue missions.

The Super 4 range based on the CiTV childrens show is a range of 16 playsets all showing different scenes from the show. Super4 playsets include, Kingsland Castle, Technopolis and a musical flower tower.

Filmed by Clubit Tv at the London Toy Fair 2015