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Bad Taste Bears The Video Game Launches on Kickstarter

Bad Taste Bears - Play the Game Bear
Bad Taste Bears - Play the Game

Play the Game

A crowdfunding campaign has been started today through Kickstarter and with your backing Bad Taste Bears fans will soon be able to play the BTB video game!

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Bad Taste Bears – Play the Game Bear

At last the Bad Taste Bears collectable franchise is going to have its own video game!

The famous “Bad Taste Bears” figurine collection will be brought to life in their own fun and challenging mobile game app.  After 15 years of successfully selling figurines with a large global fan base the company is eager to bring the naughtiness of the Bad Taste Bears to a new genre in the form of a mobile video game. Its time for BTB to go digital.

The Bad Taste Bears need your help.  A Kickstarter campaign has been set up to raise the required funds to make a mobile video game based around the Bad Taste Bear characters.

Click the image below to see what its all about.

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Bad Taste Bears Game – Now Live on Kickstarter

The Bad Taste Bears Kickstarter page has some fabulous rewards to suit all price points and budgets. There are a selection of digital rewards including HD digital wallpapers and your name in the actual credits of the game once it is published.

The physical rewards include a cool Bad Taste Bear collectable ‘Play the Game’ figurine, T-shirts and mugs all of which are exclusive to Kickstarter backers. Also available are unique experience rewards such as VIP tickets to the BTB launch party and even lunch with the main man himself Mr Pete Underhill.

You can simply show your support from as little as £1 and they will keep you posted on all the future news and updates regarding the video games development.

The BAD TASTE BEARS VIDEO GAME will be aimed at causal game players. It will be fun, fast and furious, and a little bit naughty. It will also incorporate collecting in a new and exciting way.  Aimed at teens plus, casual to medium game players, this games title really is going to be fun and of course a little bit bad. The game will be released and playable on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 mobile platforms. It is estimated that the game will be released in Spring 2015 on all mobile platforms.


What are Bad Taste Bears?

Bad Taste Bears, aimed at teens and adults are highly collectable, hand painted figurines and they are loved by tens of thousands of fans worldwide. Some of the bears are cute, others are naughty and some are just completley wrong! Most of all Bad Taste Bears are super awesome !! If you are easily offended then do not look as contents may offend.

Bad Taste Bear Figurines
Bad Taste Bear Figurines

To date there are over 400 different Bad Taste Bear collectable characters that have been created and made into figurines as part of the ongoing collection. Click here to buy Bad Taste Bears from the Clubit shop

Bad Taste Bears Collectable Figurines
Bad Taste Bears Collectable Figurines