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Cool Gift Ideas For Fathers Day

Racing Helmet Alarm Clock

Top 8 gift ideas for your dad from Clubit Shopping – at Clubit we have loads of cool great gift ideas for fathers day at varying budgets and price points.

Racing Helmet Alarm Clock A Funky Racing Alarm Clock – A cool sound activated alarm clock in the shape of a racing helmet.

BBQ Sets and Barbeque Accessories – Choose from a range of barbecue rotisserie sets or accessories.

Novelty Corkscrew – Penguin shaped corkscrew to open wine bottles

Bluetooth Baseball Cap– Wearable tech is all the rage, why not treat your dad to a cool Bluetooth baseball cap so he can listen to music on the go.

Mini Jukebox – A miniature retro style musical jukebox, several different classic style mini battery operated juke boxes to choose from.

Ipad Covers – A cool retro style ipad cover designed by Run For Covers. There are 6 awesome designs including: Hamlet, 1984 by George Orwell, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Theory of Relativity.

Collectable Hand Painted Figurines – These are 4″ hand painted collectable limited edition figures. The ranges include Sport and Football Weenicons, Movie Weenicons and Pop Idol Weenicons. We also have the awesome Calaveritas Day of the Dead collectible figurines.

Aftershave Set – We have the Hermes Eau D’orange travel pack gift set.