Teksta The New Interactive Robotic Puppy Dog Relaunches


Teksta is the new robotic and interactive puppy dog set to be one of this years hit toys. Please watch the video below to see a demo of Teksta filmed by Clubit TV at The London Toy Fair 2013.

Teksta was initially launched in 1999 and the original Teksta sold in excess of eight million units. Character Options has now re-launched the 1990’s robotic pup Teksta with a whole new set of features. The 2013 version of Teksta has been revamped with super cool technology and is probably the closest toy to a puppy dog that is affordable to the general public.

Teksta Puppies are available in 2 colours – pink for girls and blue for boys and is the perfect toy for children aged five years and up. Teksta comes to life by using leading edge technology that allows you to train it just like a real puppy dog. The more you teach and train Teksta the more features become unlocked.

Teksta is feature rich, there are over 100 features and Teksta uses unique hand gesture technology so no remote control is requred. Teksta loves affection and also responds to voice, sound and light and physical gestures. He can cry, bark, smile and even do backflips!

Main Features of Teksta Teksta Interactive Robotic Puppy Dog

– Unique hand gesture technology – As no remote control is required, Teksta will react to your hand movement commands.

– Emotions – Tekstas has a variety of emotions displayed with his multi coloured eye patterns.

– Wireless communication technology – Teksta can be controlled by your smartphone and there is a also a free app to download.

– Light and sound recognition

– Dance Mode – You can program Teksta to dance to your favourite music and songs.

– Petting recognition – show him you love him by stroking his touch sensors. He will react to your touch and loves affection!

– Auto Stop sensors make sure Teksta does not bump into objects and hurt or damage himself.

РInfrared Technology  РWhen you get two Tekstas together they respond to each other and they can perform new tricks.

– Facial expressions – Teksta has over 20 different facial expressions to show his mood and emotions.

Teksta the robotic puppy is tipped to be one of the top selling toys for Christmas 2013.

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