Collectable TY Beanie Puzzle Erasers


TY Beanie Puzzle Erasers – Cool, Cute and Collectable !!

Cute TY Beanie Animal Puzzle Erasers Collectable erasers or rubbers have always been popular with kids of all ages for generations. The iwako puzzle erasers are a huge worldwide craze and originated from Japan.

TY Beanie Puzzle Eraser Selection

What we have here are the official TY Beanie Puzzle Erasers that are made of high quality rubber. Each puzzle erazer is individually packaged in a tiny see through box. There are lots of animal puzzle erasers to collect including bears, frogs, giraffes, elephants, dolphins, cows, pigs, rabbits, penguins and more.


Each cute and adourable animal shaped rubber eraser comes apart and can easily be put back together again. Kids can have fun mixing up the animal parts and of course the animals can also be used as pencil erasers.

Ty Beanie Animal Shaped Rubber Erasers

If you are a collector of the original Ty Beanies then you will love these, so why Collectable TY Beanie Animal Shaped Rubber Erasersnot collect them all !!

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