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The National Media Museum based in Bradford West Yorkshire is at risk of closing due to forthcoming Government cuts to the Science Museums annual funding budgets. If this museum closes it will not only be a great loss to the people of  Yorkshire but to visitors worldwide.

National Media Museum BradfordPlease Click Here to sign the petition to save The National Media Museum.

Simply put if you have never been to the National Media Museum it is well worth the trip. This 30 year old interactive media museum has nine floors dedicated to the history of film,  photography and photographs, cinema, cinematography, TV and the history of television, animation, digital media, new media technology, video games and gaming archives.

Today we live in a world where we are surrounded by media and technology and this museum can track that history right from the very start. There is something to attract people from all ages and it is a great day out for all the family.
Welcome to The National Media Museum Bradford

There are seven permanent exhibitions including: Kodak Gallery, Experience TV, Life Online, TV Heaven, Magic Factory, Animation Gallery and finally The Games Lounge. For all of you video game enthusiasts you will absolutely love the National Video Game Archive.


10 Facts about Bradfords National Media Museum

1 – Home of the first IMAX cinema theatre in the UK.

2 – This June The National Media Museum celebrates its 30th birthday anniversary.

3 – The Museum was previously known as the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television – it was renamed the National Media Museum in 2006  to keep up with modern times and accomodate the web, video games and new media digital technology.

Television wallpaper art at The National Media Museum

4 – It houses over 3.5 million different items of historical significance from photographs to video games and hardware.

5 – It is the home of the first ever motion picture film camera.

6 – The Museum is the home of the BBC in Bradford. Visitors can watch live broadcasts in this real working exhibit.

7 – The Museum organises three major film festivals every year : Bradford International Film Festival, The Bradford Animation Festival and The Fantastic Films Weekend.

8 – 99% of the museums visitors are satisfied with their visit and would like to revisit and recommend to others.

Orange Retro Television at The National Media Museum

9 – it has a magic carpet!!

10 – Home of The National Video Game Archive

Please help to keep this Museum open by signing the petition below and show your support by visiting the Museum soon.

Click here to sign the petition to save The National Media Museum in Bradford from closing down.