Cool Gift Item – Face Bank Electronic Money Box


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If you are wanting a cool way of collecting your pennies and spare change then look no further than the amazing Face Bank.

The Face Bank battery powered coin eating money boxes are available in 2 great designs – Red / Brown Brick or Blue Dot Design.

The Facebank runs on 4 x AAA batteries and when you put your hand close to the coin slot the sensors in the nose will be activated and the Facebank mouth will open and close automatically. Feed the Facebank coins and watch it eat them up as though he is enjoing them. Use the stylish Face Bank money box to save all your loose change.

Facebanks are humorous to look at and make great decorative items for your home, bedroom or office.  Great for gifts, presents and stocking fillers. Click Here to Buy from the Clubit Retail Store

Face Bank Red Brick and Blue Dot

Face Bank Electronic Coin Munching Money Boxes are cool and crazy must have gadgets from Japan. Designed for the Takada collection they are produced by Banpresto and distributed in europe by Namco.

So what is the Takada Collection? The Takada Collection is the mixture of touch and artistic sense designed by Eiichi Takada. Eiichi Takada started as a freelance artist in 1983 and after receiving amazing reviews in the Dali Exhibition in 2005 he introduced the Facebank.

Face Bank Red Brick DesignClick Here To Buy Face Bank Blue Dot Design
The Face Banks are also available to the trade from Clubit Wholesale. They make a great demo line for shops and  markets.

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